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I love building things.  This is the start of my journey to build something new.

It is really that simple, and you should probably already get that if you take a cruise around my website.  I liked to draw, I like to build cars, and more recently I like to work on building products — focusing the last point mainly on mobile applications.

I am also a life-long learner.  One of the greatest things I believe that has been invented is the Internet, and for me that is opening a wealth of information — both free and paid for.  However, I also enjoy going to conferences and education training programs to learn new techniques, tools, and concepts that I can string together.

I have had two inspirations recently that has put on the path of this new hobby to build my first mobile application.

The first was a Masterclass I took on Business Model Generation in San Francisco.  It was a great course and one that put me on to thinking how I would approach solving a problem to make a mobile product for.  The also have a recent book I have started to read on Value Proposition Design.

The second was a book I have read on how to make habit forming products while using current company case studies and research to develop a model to design a product around a business model and required habits.  It is called Hooked by Nir Eyal.

Last and not least of course is  Udemy is like many other online courseware sites, but they mainly have paid content that is created by anyone on the Internet.  Therefore, the quality can vary.  However, I am taking the following courses:

I am also signed up and will be enrolling in the Udacity Nanodegree for iOS Development that will be starting in February 2015.

I have a few ideas and rough concepts of an application I am going to build as well as a business model to support it.  I will be refining these over the coming weeks and look to do some end-user concept testing of the model.

Then I will be moving into the design of the interface in Swift and finally aligning the development with when I start to complete more of the course work in the coming months.

What is my goal?  No, it is not to be the nest Mark Z.  Let’s face some realities on that.  The goal is to get the app published to the app store and at least 100 users.  I know…. simple, almost a silly goal, but it is a start.  I will see where it all goes from there…


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