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Week one is in the bag.

It was a fast paced, sometime focused, other times scattered week.  I met a lot of great people — some new, some old.  In the course of all these meetings I spun up another project called

PropUp was an idea that happened when I was meeting with Ilya from Spring on some ideas to help them with some content they were looking to bring online and potentially updating their website.  This led to the quick idea of — what if you could create a product as a service to quickly get start-up brands online, but also on a platform that enabled them to scale?

So in a day, I had PropUp online and sold one website for $100 USD (after a $50 discount to get it tested).  Not my first million by any means, but good to see money come in!

Week two has started off equally as exciting.  I have been working through my iOS course, planning out a future eBook on a subject I am very passionate about — innovation, connected with some new people (that may lead to interesting projects), and I’m headed to Whistler tomorrow for the GROW Conference.

To the last point, I reached out to Geoff Archer — the professor that invited me to be on a judging panel for Royal Roads a couple of weeks ago — to see if he too was going to GROW.  The result?  He put me in touch with two other founders that I will be meeting up with while I am there.  Awesome.

I have never had so much fun while not making money.  I know people write “lol” all the time, but I seriously just did.

It is so awesome to meet people, chat about ideas, explore opportunities, and hear about all the awesome things going on in Vancouver.  There is a lot of bright people solving some really cool issues.

Onwards to the rest of Week Two, and I’m excited to see where this all goes!

As always, if you ever want to chat or meet up to brainstorm some ideas — or if there is a project I can help you with — please feel free to reach out or drop a comment here.


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