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It has been some time since I have posted here…

I could say all the reasons.  Its been busy.  I’ve been developing applications, taking courses, reading books, building websites, doing some travelling, and even fighting off a fall flu.  But there is no real reason for not posting more often beyond making it a priority.  So… whoops!

I can share one other goal accomplished, my first course posted on Udemy!  I have wanted to build an online course for quite some time, so it was awesome to have it all done.  It was a lot of work and an interesting learning experience unto itself.  I will continue to share my experience with this platform as I will be posting a few more courses there.

Okay, so what is the course about already!  Well it is focused around three tools in Innovation Management I like a lot.  The Business Model Canvas, Customer Development, and the Value Proposition Canvas.  Here is a link to my course with a limited offer of $29:

It was an awesome experience and I hope that if you take the course you 1) find great value in it and 2) leave me a great review!

If you do take my course and have any feedback, please post it here.  Also, if there are any other courses you would like me to produce, let me know!


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